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Munhak Baseball Stadium

Outfield tickets at Munhak can be for general seats, tables or even a grassy BBQ area.
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What is it? Situated in Incheon, west of Seoul, Munhak stadium is home for 3-time KBO champions SK Wyverns and venue for the final of the 2014 Asia Games. A beautiful ballpark with a capacity of 26,000, Munhak was built next to the frequently empty 2002 World Cup football stadium. The only difficultly with Munhak is getting there for anyone living on the far side of Seoul. Be prepared for a long subway ride.
How can I get there? Subway: The stadium is a five minute walk from exit 2 of Munhak Sports Complex station on Incheon line 1. This line connects with the Seoul Subway line 1 at Bupyeong, line 7 at Bupyeong-gu Office or the Suin Line at Woninjae for those living in southern Gyeonggi-do. Given the size of Seoul, travel times vary but from Sindorim Station, a major hub in the city, there are 19 stops and 1 change. This would be considered a short trip.
Bus: Alternatively, Incheon Bus Terminal is one stop away, or a 10 minute walk.
Can I buy food and drink? Because of new laws governing alcohol and food in sports stadia following some high-profile incidents in recent seasons, it is virtually impossible to bring alcohol into the stadium. Glass bottles, especially, are forbidden. Expect to have your bags checked. Beer is sold inside the stadium but it isn’t cheap, unlike Jamsil. There is a popular Popeye’s chicken take-away located in the left outfield.
As you approach from the station, this is the first thing you see. Amongst that mayhem is a ticket booth, a store and toilets. The ramp in the back right is where you enter the third base side.
What if I want to get some merchandise? There is a selection of SK material on the first base side where the home fans sit, such as jerseys, t-shirts, hats and gloves. You can find these items on street level as you enter the stadium. On the third base side, there isn’t anything to buy.
Where should I sit? The home fans sit on the first base side but often the best atmosphere is in the away end. SK fans tend to turn up late and as a result, there always appears to be vast sways of empty seats in their ‘cheering section’. However, if you’re just going for the day and have no team to support, the view from the second tier is glorious. The outfield is also pleasant with more variety than Jamsil, including tables and a BBQ area.
The upper deck of Munhak is a great place to watch a game.
Is there any post-game entertainment? Not really. Like a lot of the baseball grounds in Korea, there isn’t a huge amount in the area so you’re effectively required to take some form of transport to get somewhere good. As a result, the platforms at the station are packed.
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Photo credit: Home fans sit on the first base side. Non-numbered blocks are considered general seating, so it is first-come-first-serve for the best seats. The subway station is beyond the third base side.
Oh, I need a ticket. Can I get one? No problem. SK had a golden era for a few seasons either side of 2010 but despite regular incursions into the play-offs since, success seems a long way off and a lot of fans are choosing to stay away. Munhak is often the scene of protests as-well and the location makes it a less attractive option than, say, Jamsil or Suwon, for casual fans. If the team is doing well and a well supported rival is in town, tickets will naturally be harder to get but for most games, securing a ticket shouldn’t be a problem.
Outfield viewing in Munhak is a unique experience. 
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Please click on the highlighted link if you would prefer to buy your’s on-line, instead of queuing outside the stadium. Warning. Ticketlink is in Korean, so if you don’t understand, ask for help.

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