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Suwon KT Wiz Park

Suwon’s baseball park underwent significant renovation when the kt wiz moved in for the start of the 2015 season. The now defunct Hyundai Unicorns won 4 championships here but poor attendance figures forced the club to fold.

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What is it? The now defunct Hyundai Unicorns won 4 championships here between 1998 and 2004 but folded due to dwindling attendances. The stadium was given an impressive make over when the kt (small letters) Wiz were formed in 2013 and just the top division in 2015. A trek from the nearest subway station but kt Wiz Park remains a popular venue despite the local team’s struggles.

How can I get there? Subway and Taxi: This might be your best option. Take Line 1 to Hwaseo Station (one stop north of Suwon Station), cross the street and jump in a cab. It shouldn’t cost more than 5,000 won. If you’re taking an express train to Suwon station, do the same but expect to pay a little bit more.
Bus: It takes over 30 mins to walk from downtown Suwon to the stadium.
**It is worth noting that the dark blue Line 1 splits at Guro Station so if you’re going to Suwon from Seoul, you’ll need to make sure you’re on an Sinchang/Cheonan/Suwon south-bound train. If you’re going to Gocheok Dome (Nexen Heroes) make sure you’re on an Incheon-bound train. The map below might help.**
seoul line 1.png
The stadium can be reached from either Suwon or Hwaseo stations on the southern end of Line 1.
Can I buy food and drink? KT Wiz Park has the most impressive selection of food anywhere in the country. Like the other 9 major grounds, bringing alcohol into the stadium is forbidden and expect to have your bags checked. Bringing food isn’t an issue but the variety inside far exceeds everywhere else, so we suggest dining there. Mexican, Chinese, burgers and, of course, Korean, are just some of the options. This isn’t like your traditional baseball ground, and a lot of food stalls are built into renovated cargo containers.
What if I want to get some merchandise? Like all the stadia in Korea, Wiz Park has a wide range of merchandise available where you can buy their unique looking kit and logo. Check the first base side, where the home fans sit. Wiz Park has some rather funky designs inside the shell of the stadium so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wandering around in amusement and end up forgetting where you were going. 
Where should I sit? The home fans sit on the first base side and they bring a lot of noise and colour to their games. There is very little cover so if you’re a pasty Irishman, best to try and sit under the small roof behind home plate. The stadium’s quirky design means you can’t really see what’s happening below you if you’re on the second level. Word of warning; the view isn’t very good down towards the foul ball pole on either side. Outfield seats exist.
kt wiz v KIA Tigers, 2015.
Is there any post-game entertainment? Not outside the stadium but a thirty minute walk will bring you towards downtown Suwon and like any decent sized Korean town or city, there are plenty of places to eat and drink there. Suwon doesn’t have a great reputation, partially due to the prostitute streets near the station, but it mostly fine.
Oh, I need a ticket. Can I get one? Yes, you can but check the schedule carefully. The Suwonistas like their new team so when a club with a renowned support (KIA, Lotte, Doosan) show up, tickets for weekend games will be much harder to get. Some KTX services stop at Suwon meaning it is easily reached but the biggest factor is the sheer number of displaced Busan, Daegu and Gwangju people living in the Seoul Metropolitan Area who jump at the chance to see their team when they come up.
Crowds flock under the tiny roof behind home plate during a wet KBO game against the KIA Tigers
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Please click on the highlighted link if you would prefer to buy your’s on-line, instead of queuing outside the stadium. Warning. Ticketlink is in Korean, so if you don’t understand, ask for help.

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