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Masan Baseball Stadium

First base side at Masan. The locals love watching baseball at a table.

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What is it? Masan Baseball Stadium is the home of the recent addition to the KBO, NC Dinos Baseball Team. The stadium is located in the western part of Changwon City, along the southeastern coast of the Korean peninsula. It was opened in 1982 and has a capacity of 11,000. Due to these issues, and the popularity of the team, a new stadium, Changwon Baseball Stadium, is being built, and is scheduled to open in 2018. Fortunately for fans, the new stadium will be located right next to the current Masan Baseball Stadium.

How can I get there? Although Changwon is a fairly small city but spread out city, getting to the stadium is pretty easy. Simply make your way to Masan Express Bus Terminal (마산고속버스터미널), and you are already very close. From there a taxi ride is very cheap, mostly likely minimum fare. Additionally, a bus ride is usually only one stop, but requires some walking to different bus stops. So, a nice 1 km (15 -20 minutes) stroll might be your best option. First head west to a major intersection (종합운동장사거리); if you find yourself next to a HomePlus and across from a Lotte Mart, you are in the right area! From there you should be able to see the new stadium being built, and Masan Baseball Stadium is just south of there.

Can I buy food and drink? As is usual for KBO stadiums, there are growing restrictions on what can be brought into the stadiums from the outside. Bags will be inspected, with glass bottles and cans not being allowed. However, inside the stadium there are several of the standard convenience stores, for beer and snacks. Unfortunately, since this is a fairly old stadium, the food options are limited. On the bright-side, the new stadium will most likely offer excellent food options. (Yay 2018!)

What if I want to buy some merchandise? If you decide that dinosaurs are cool and that NC isn’t bad either, then you are in luck. There is a fan shop near the roadside entrance to the stadium, on the outfield side. There you will be able to buy your favorite jerseys, hats, T-shirts, and other NC Dinos gear. However, like most of the KBO stadiums, local team gear only.

Where should I sit? The home seating is on the first base side, and this is where most of the fan action will be. The stadium has an unusually large number of tables on this side. Since most away fans don’t usually travel to far away games, you will most likely have a good chance to snag some of the comfortable table seating on the third base side. Additionally, the outfield seating offers a cheaper, readily available option for fans. Often the cheering section will be situated in the RF section.

Is there any post-game entertainment? While there are several restaurants and Korean-style hofs around the stadium, the options are fairly limited. Generally, most of the post-game fun will be found elsewhere in the city. However, if you head back toward the bus terminal, you will find a nice park to the south of the terminal. There you could have a nice after-game picnic or just a few beers with your friends.

Oh, I need a ticket. Can I get one? Although the stadium has a limited capacity, tickets are pretty easy to get. Due to their somewhat surprising, and recent, success, the home fans like to come out for games. However, Changwon is a fairly small city and quite far from most teams (Lotte Giants in Busan the obvious exception). This means that outfield and third-base side tickets shouldn’t be too hard to get. Ticket booths are located on the outfield and baseline sides of the stadium. However, if you want to get in on the home fan action, you might want to go online to get your tickets early.

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Please click on the highlighted link if you would prefer to buy your’s on-line, instead of queuing outside the stadium. Warning. Ticketlink is in Korean, so if you don’t understand, ask for help.

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