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Sajik Baseball Stadium

The view from the third base (away) side of Sajik. April 2013, KIA Tigers v Lotte Giants.

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What is it? Sajik Baseball Stadium is located in the coastal city of Busan and is the home of the Lotte Giants, one of the oldest professional teams in the KBO. The stadium was built in 1985 and has a capacity of 26,800. Although the stadium is aging, it is an iconic location for fans of the KBO (especially Lotte fans), and is a great evening option after spending time on the beaches of Busan.

How can I get there? Since Busan is a very large city, with a good subway system, getting to the stadium is quite simple and easy. Hop on the 3 line (brown) to Sajik station (사직역), From there head out of exit 1 and continue south. At the first intersection, turn right and continue down that road. This will bring you to the home base side of the stadium, you will see it quickly. Alternatively, there are several buses that run to Sajik Baseball Stadium (사직야구장) bus stop, that is located right in front of the stadium.

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Photo credit: Sajik Baseball Stadium is located in the centre of the red line 3, two stops from the busy transfer station of Yeonsan-dong.

Can I buy food and drink? Since Sajik is a pretty old stadium, the food options are fairly limited. It has the requisite convenience stores, where beer, snacks, and other drinks are available. Additionally, it has several fried chicken vendors located inside and outside of the stadium, and these are currently still allowed into the stadium. As per recent rules changes, you can not bring beer and soju into the stadium from outside.

What if I want to buy some merchandise? As per usual for KBO stadiums there is a fan shop on the home base side of the stadium. Also, as is typical of almost all KBO stadiums, home team gear only. However, what sets this fan shop apart is the massive variety of jerseys, hats, and other Lotte Giants swag that is available in the shop. Since Lotte has been the team sponsor since their inception, the Giants have many different retro and modern uniforms and styles.

Where should I sit? Lotte is a very popular team in Busan, therefore sitting on the home side will provide you with a lot of excitement. However, since the team is so popular, it can be difficult getting these seats. Like most stadiums in Korea, the home side is on the first base side, and the away side is on the third base side. Additionally, there are quite a few seats in the outfield section. Since Sajik is shaped like a shallow bowl, you generally have a pretty good view wherever you sit.

Home plate seats at Sajik. When the team is doing well (not often these days), weekend seats at Sajik are more valuable than gold.

Is there any post-game entertainment? There is a fairly wide variety of restaurants and bars located near the stadium, and you will probably see a lot of people hanging around for a while in their fan gear. However, in general, most of your post-game fun will be in other areas. If shopping and movies are more your thing, then there is a HomePlus and CGV movie theater just south of the stadium.

Oh, I need a ticket. Can I get one? Although the home fans are usually very eager to go to the games, there are generally a limited number of away fans. This means that getting tickets on the away side or outfield should be fairly easy. There are ticket booths on the second level to the right and left of the home plate side, main entrance. However, the home side could be quite difficult to get tickets for, so you should probably book the tickets online.

If you want tickets, please click on the highlighted link where you’ll find a stadium map, prices and an internet reservation section.

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Classification Premium Seat (Table seat) Reserved Seat Unreserved Outfield Seat Couple Seat (two people) Center Family Seat (per person) Third-base Family Seat (per person) Kolping Glamping Zone (6 person) Exciting Zone Remarks
R (Table seat) S/A B/C
General 40,000 30,000 12,000 10,000 7,000 80,000 30,000 25,000 150,000 30,000 Children between 8-13 ages
Children 20,000 15,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 No admittance
Champion’s Day The admission fee will be 50% off on Champion’s day (revaluate KRW 500 won unit) at home game on the last Wednesday a month)

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